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I am having a hard time rewriting these sentences that are a part of a 4 page essay. They can’t end with a preposition. I need help. (They can remember what goup the belonged to) (Teachers need to be aware how curcial it is for children to find a group that they are accepted by) and (Futhermore, there is too much competition among children that teachers should be aware of)


While I don’t believe in doing homework for others, I am rewriting your sentences in the hope that you will understand the differences between the ones you sent me and the ones I returned to you.

To which group do they belong? Teachers must be aware how crucial it is for children to find a group where they are accepted. Furthermore, teachers should be aware of the competition among children.

In trying to rid sentences of dreaded prepositional endings, try being as creative as possible with the other words in the sentence while still retaining the meaning of the original sentence.

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