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February short on days, long on activities

February is known for Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, and Presidents’ Day. Perhaps this is the month’s way of fending off an inferiority complex for being a couple days shorter than every other month in the year.

As for me, I’m celebrating February by launching a serial novel on my website and blogging about Philip and Phoebe, the children’s picture book two friends and I have created. I’m also commenting from time to time on the political season in my blog under the category of “2016 Election.” So there’s a lot happening in my writing world.

I wrote the serial novel, F Seeks M¸ twenty-five years ago. It is about a divorcee in the pre-Internet world who wants to meet Mr. Right. Back then, singles and the newly-singled used personal ads in the local newspaper to meet like-minded people. First they talked on the telephone, then met in a coffee house where He and She went Dutch and possibly agreed to a real date. Anyone in today’s dating scene will want to read this novel for its historical context.

Philip and Phoebe is a work dear to my heart. The words were put to paper years ago, but it took until 2015 to find the right artist and graphic designer who brought them to life. Who knew the graphic designer would turn out to be my son and the artist would be one of his best friends? It’s a small world.

As for political blogging, I do it every four years as a way of being a certifiable curmudgeon. This time around, I’ve waited until the primaries are in view, even though various presidential candidates have been stumping for months now. But I’m an advocate of campaign time limits, so I’m trying to set an example.

Finally, I’ve taken a course on how to establish one’s own publishing company and am in the process of doing so. As soon as the legal name search is complete and the State of Michigan approves, I’ll officially announce its debut.

But you, as a subscriber, have a preview of all that’s ahead. Thank you for your interest. And happy February!

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