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500 Words

I decided to do a writing prompt challenge; that’s where someone provides a scenario and the writer in you takes it and runs for five hundred words.  The prompt was this:

“You’re walking to grab lunch when you see a crowd gathered around a building. You look up and see that someone is standing on the ledge, looking to jump. You hear a police officer close to you mention that the person is about to commit suicide. He also mentions the person’s name: and it’s someone you know! Write a scene where you attempt to stop the jumper from jumping.”

In about half an hour, I finished with eight words to spare and tried to submit my effort online as directed.  But to no avail.  I’ve studied this dilemma almost twenty-four hours and have decided that I’ll post my take on “Saving a Life” on this website under the heading “Potpourri.”

So click there for my latest endeavor.

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