?`s and ANNEswers

Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


It’s early morning. The doorbell rings.

My neighbor stands on the other side of our storm door, Besides living in the same community, what we really have in common is cancer. We see the same oncologist.

I open the door enough to peek my head out; it’s not in my nature to swing it wide and invite unexpected guests, even familiar neighbors, in. From behind his back he brings out a round, hand-made basket with a lid. Making them is one of his many hobbies.

“Happy Birthday,” he says. How did he know? 

“I hope you find some beautiful things to fill it.” If you only knew how challenging this past year has been! 

“I’ll fill it with all the good things that will happen to me this year.”

He doesn’t skip a beat. “Then I’ll have to bring you a bigger basket.”

He smiles and turns to go. My birthday begins . . .

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