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I’ve been thinking that my tech woes might not be behind me. Sure, I’ve purchased a new computer and have managed to retrieve all my files. Sure, my website has returned and I’m receiving emails regularly.

But what about my wireless router, which – if I understand things correctly – is my connection to the company that provides my Internet access? What if it goes down? Or becomes obsolete, as a router in my distant past actually did.

I suspect that, once again, I will feel stranded and will have to call Comcast, which provides my Internet access through this little router box. Knowing Comcast, I will be assigned a date on which a technician will appear. But it won’t be tomorrow or at any other time that is convenient to me.

Maybe I’m becoming a pessimist with all these computer concerns. But then maybe I’m becoming wiser and planning for the future. In either case, I’m certainly more aware of how connected we have become on a virtual level.

We used to just pick up the telephone and talk to the person on the other end. We shared jokes, we solved problems, we made dates. Now we have email trails. Back then we put our appointments in a calendar and simply showed up at the appointed time. Now we dicker back and forth, changing times and locations on a whim. We even have reminders on our computerized calendars that tell us what to do fifteen minutes from now. Back then, that would have required too much erasing.

I know we’ll never return to the “Time before Internet,” but I wish we could at least recapture some of its simplicity.

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