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And A Pickle Too

At least a couple times a month I eat at the unlikeliest of restaurants. I’m not even sure it has a name, but it is located inside the local hospital’s outpatient services building.

The staff is cheerful, the  tables are clean, the menu is varied, the price is just right. Granted they don’t bring the food to your table, but that’s a small price to pay for everything else. And did I mention it’s incredibly quiet for when you want to chat with your friend without commotion or music.

It started when a friend and I went to Panera for lunch. There was a sign that said we had to order at the kiosk because the establishment was short of cashier help. There was another sign that said the muffins were $5. And there were no diners in the restaurant.

So we decided to go elsewhere, that being the outpatient services café. And we got breakfast sandwiches and coffee for $5. When was the last time you got that?

Today I had a turkey sandwich on swirl rye bread, toasted, and a glass of water .And I paid $5.61, including the pickle.  My friend had soup and a panini with pesto. For under ten dollars. What’s not to like?

She got a pickle too. Mine and hers were both wrapped in paper and not sitting on the sandwich making it soggy. Score more points here.

We’ve already planned to return next time we meet.

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