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My motto has always been, “When it’s time to paint it’s time to move.”

I understand most people don’t share this sentiment; they prefer to stay put and add a coat of paint. Or change the carpet or reupholster the furniture.  I respect that; but it’s not me. I want a new canvas rather than refurbish the old one.

Which is why I’m itching to see what’s out there beyond the lot lines of our current home. And why I’m noticing more and more issues with same said home. Even though Earl and I are careful, there are nicks in the paint, grime in the grout, and scratches on some of the cupboards. The nap in our carpet isn’t as fresh and the faucets are showing lime deposits.

All these things are fixable and certainly cost less than moving.  But the real issue is that I have gypsy feet that can’t be painted or reupholstered and certainly can’t be given away; and they are becoming antsy.

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