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At Last

Our new grill has finally been christened, and I am pleased with the results.  The food was tasty and the actual cooking process went off without a major hitch.  For good measure, Earl dragged the hose to where I’d set up the grill.  “Just in case things catch fire,” he said, displaying a certain lack of confidence.  It only made me more determined.

I managed to light the coals and have them stay lit. Marinated the steak and tomatoes while the baked potatoes and corn on the cob got a head start under the Weber dome. Remembered oven mitts to protect my hands and even used a timer instead of guessing. It was all very scientific. It also took a lot of time.

One thing I like about cooking in the oven is that you can pretty much set the temperature, put your food in a casserole or on a tray, and forget it for half an hour or so.  I often use that time to play piano.

But grilling doesn’t lend itself to that kind of approach, at least not yet.  Besides, it’s done outside, and my piano isn’t portable.  So I’ll have to plan outdoor activities for those five or ten minute periods between turning items for even cooking.  I can weed, water, and deadhead my flowers. I can work on my bike, which definitely needs work, or I can tidy my car. Or I can just sit and enjoy the evening.

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