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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


It was Earl’s turn to choose a restaurant last night.  (Since we’re both only children, we tend to keep score on this sort of thing.)  He chose El Sol Azteca, a small Mexican restaurant tucked in a non-descript strip mall.

“You don’t even like Mexican food,” I said, not really trying to dissuade him.  I do like Mexican food. But we usually go for the larger, more popular, more raucous Mark III, which coincidentally is directly across the highway from El Sol.

The Mark III is a favorite watering hole and lines for tables form early on weekends.  I suspect El Sol has never had a line, but perhaps gets spill-over customers who don’t want to wait across the road.

Earl said he was unexplainably hungry for a burrito and wanted to try something different.  He was also thirsty for a good Margarita.  And we had a coupon, which explains everything.

The bottom line is that El Sol Azteca is the real deal. The food is fresh, made-to-order, and appealing.  It’s not American-Mex or Tex-Mex.  It’s Mex-Mex. The portions are appropriate too, something that’s hard to find in our over-sized culture. But what identifies El Sol as authentic is that there wasn’t a single crunchy corn tortilla pre-shaped like a taco shell in the place.

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