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Back Online

After three weeks, I’m finally back up and running. Or back up and online. Running has nothing to do with it. And the operative phrase is “back up.” As in, returned to a previous live status.

My old computer bit the dust and took nine days to be replaced by a new computer that was obviously smarter than I. I hired a tech guy to get my old files off the dead machine and then struggled to find them. I was about to turn the corner when my website went down. The problem with this is that I receive email via my own website instead of Yahoo or Gmail or some other public site.

So even though I had an up-to-date computer, nothing was getting through to it because my website went AWOL. When you live on the Internet, being offline is very frustrating. I fretted and fumed, called my tech people and whined, waited for responses. In the end, my website returned and my emails came through. Now I’m finally back to square one.

Except . . . how can I prevent a nine day hiatus from happening again? Granted a new computer should offset some of this concern, but it seems I’m still at the mercy of other tech people who manage my website. It makes me think snail mail wasn’t so bad after all.

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