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Back to My Kindle

Earl gave me a Kindle a couple years ago. While I like it, I find that in my own home I prefer holding an actual book in my hand as opposed to the virtual kind. However, when we’re taking a vacation the Kindle is front and center.

We leave tomorrow for ten days of traveling in the United States and Canada, and I’m about to load my Kindle with reading material. It will include a couple novels others have recommended, Olive Kitteridge and Edgar Sawtell among them. It will also include The New York Times Sunday edition, which has enough reading material every week to qualify as a novella.

On a trip, the Kindle consolidates one’s reading material and reduces the weight involved. You can also have a stack of books at your elbow without taking up a lot of luggage room. Even if you’re traveling by car, it’s nice not to lug a shopping bag of reading material into the motel room each night.

So for the next several days my Kindle and I will be best friends. I’m looking forward to it.

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