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Basil and Cilantro

This season I am growing basil and cilantro from seed. This should probably have been started inside in mid-Spring, but I missed that boat. I’m in the one where the crops will be late summer bloomers.

I sprinkled the packets of seeds in their own large flowerpots. If they were to have been arranged gently, one by one, I missed that instruction too. And now, about two weeks into the mission, the baby seeds are sprouting on top of each other. There will be plenty of herbs for my spaghetti and guacamole; that is, if the little sprouts survive the overcrowding.

Most likely they should be thinned, so I’m asking friends and neighbors if they want to take some off my hands for their own pasta. The process is similar to giving away free kittens and puppies. You have to ask a lot of people to find enough good homes, particularly because the wiser gardeners already have their starter plants in place. Next year, I’ll sprinkle the seeds more judiciously.

I do think Basil and Cilantro would make good names for fraternal twins. With Rosemary, which I’m also growing, if there were triplets involved.


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