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It’s the day after the Chicago Cubs clinched the National League Championship. They are now on the way to their first World Series in over seventy years.  Let it be noted that they lost that one.  In fact, the Cubs last won the World Series in 1908.

Generations of Chicagoans have come and gone and never seen their beloved team play in this fall classic. Now that the Cubs are competing against the Cleveland Indians this coming Tuesday, many fans don’t know how to react. They’re so used to seeing the hapless home team lose.

Where were you when Kennedy was shot? When the Challenger exploded? When Bin Laden was killed? When Sandy Hook happened? Perhaps someday people, especially in and around Chicago, will ask: “Where were you when the Cubs won their first World Series in one hundred eight years.”

It’s four wins away.

So let me share where I was when the Cubs won the right to appear in the World Series last night.  Earl and I were in Indianapolis with his family, many of whom are die-hard Cubbies.  Those who weren’t played along.

We’d created a viewing area in Alex’s garage, complete with TV, munchies, beer, and an extremely effective heater.  Every lawn chair in grabbing distance was commandeered for the event. Every jacket was too.

As the game wore on, comments on the price of tickets for the World Series abounded. So did wishes that we could all be at Wrigley Field. Together.

But, honestly, even if we all could afford the mega-price tickets, it would never be as much fun as being together with family in a garage in Indianapolis, drinking beer and vodka (although not at the same time) and finally beating the Billy goat’s curse.  If you don’t know what that is, you’re not a diehard Cub fan.

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