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Today is my current husband’s eighty-fourth birthday. (See yesterday’s blog if you think he is the father of my sons.) Who knew we would ever get this old?

Who knew he would still be working? And have the constitution of a horse? He takes no medication to have a blood pressure reading in a doctor’s office of 120/70. He is not diabetic, doesn’t have COPD, has all his original body parts, and does a crossword puzzle every day.

What did we do to celebrate?

We spent the morning at a doctor’s office when we learned the growth in his left ear is not cancer but needs to be removed. Then we went to breakfast where Earl devoured two eggs, bacon, and English muffin, and a blueberry pancake smeared with syrup and butter.

Later today we went to Grande Mere Inn (his choice) for a birthday dinner that was excellent. And now, he’s watching the Chicago Bears in a pre-season football game while I record the day for posterity.

Years ago we might have tripped the light fantastic; but now we’re content to mark the day as special and be asleep by 10 PM.

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