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Boaters’ Spring

Today, Earl and I attended two open houses, both of which were aimed at the nautical crowd and offered free food. We were not among the former.  We don’t even own a kayak any more, but we were among the latter: those interested in free food.

We started our morning at Pier 33, a local establishment that sells power boats, offers slip space in the summer and storage space in the winter.  With Spring just around the corner, Pier 33 enticed boaters and wannabees with a free pancake breakfast.  I’m not a breakfast devotee, but I will say the pancakes were delicious. And the boats for sale were most attractive.

If we were only thirty years younger . . .

Eventually we left Pier 33 and drove about a mile to Wolf’s Marine, where the open house fare was more picnic than pancake.  Potato salad, baked beans, sliced ham sandwiches – all ready to remind diners of the coming summer. Everyone seemed to be on board.

Wolf’s Marine is more about accessories, while Pier 33 is about the boats themselves.  So we went from the big picture to a smaller one as we ambled through aisles of boating paint, rails, deck shoes, and cabin knick-knacks.  Earl broke down and bought a fish-themed shirt. Waited in quite a line to pay for it too.

Then we left, but not after someone said, “The Open Houses at Pier 33 and Wolf’s are the real start of the boating season around here.”

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