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Book Clubs

I belong to more than one book club; and, as it turns out, two of them met today: one in the morning at a local café and the other online this evening in the privacy of our respective homes.

I like both approaches, and that isn’t really what this blog is about.  Rather, it’s about how I prepared for each meeting and what I learned.

For the meeting in the café with face-to-face connections, I read the book on my Kindle®. And for the online meeting, I read the book in hardcover. Certainly an ironic juxtapositioning.

What I learned is that reading a book in hardcover means you can flip back for a certain reference; you can scribble in the margins and underline in red where you want. Reading a book on a machine is handy when you’re traveling lightly, and we were these past few weeks. But it wasn’t as satisfying.

In addition, I found I retained more when I had the book in my hand than when I used the Kindle®.

I realize I’m of a certain age, and it isn’t the digital one. Perhaps this explains why I like the feel of a real book, even though the words are the same – and should elicit the same emotions – in a virtual one.

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