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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Returns

Perhaps you don’t know, but I survived ovarian cancer. Which is part of the reason I wish October were not designated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And this is my annual rant on the topic.

I have the greatest respect for anyone – female or male – who has survived breast cancer. But I think it’s fair to say it isn’t the scourge or the death sentence it once was.

Ovarian cancer still is. And so are other types. Shouldn’t they have a color or a month? Better yet, could we rename October to acknowledge cancers of all types?

Let me share my heroes.

My husband’s cousin Lillian has battled ovarian cancer for more years than I did.  It was discovered when it was further along, and it’s a miracle she’s still with us.

Dr. Michael Rodriguez was the oncological gynecologist associated with Michiana Hematology in South Bend, IN who operated on me and most likely saved my life six years ago. And yet, still in his early fifties, he succumbed to cancer that had nothing to do with breasts or ovaries.

Several members of Earl’s church have also confronted various cancers. Some have won; some have not. But all need to be honored for their fight.  One way to do this is to eliminate pink and proclaim October as a month where all kinds of cancers are given public recognition.

As for me, I’d want the color for this movement to be lavender. But I’d give that up if we could just rename the month.

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