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Broncos and Panthers

You might think this post is about the upcoming Super Bowl on Sunday, February 7; but that’s not the case. It’s really about a description of these two species in the animal kingdom.

According to www.smithsonian.com, “a bronco is a type of horse, not a species or breed.” The word came to us from the Spanish broncos, meaning ‘rough’. This eventually morphed into a horse that was untamed.  So broncos are often used in rodeos as a way for cowboys to demonstrate their skills. Because horses are herd animals, they play well with others. They also don’t get stage fright in front of a crowd.

According to www.a-z-animals.com, the panther is not a species or breed either.  Rather the word describes a large member of the Big Cat Family that includes leopards and jaguars. Panthers are powerful, intelligent, and agile; but they are also quiet and elusive. Because of their dark fur, camouflage is one of their survival tactics.

So if a real bronco and a real panther met somewhere, which animal would have the advantage? I think it would depend on who watched the encounter. If there were rowdy fans, the bronco would feel right at home, while the panther would probably want to hide.  But if they were alone, the panther would use its cunning to take down the bronco.

Obviously, from this short scenario we can’t predict the Super Bowl, but if I were naming a new football team after some animal, I’d certainly research its background first. Perhaps that’s why there are no teams called the Turtles or the Sloths or the Opossums.

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