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Building 15

Here’s an update on my efforts to qualify for a Michigan builder’s license.  I’m one-sixth the way through the course, having completed 15 of the required 90 online lessons.

It’s a yin and yang sort of thing. Basically, the course is designed for the applicant to pass the state’s licensure exam; it really has nothing to do with building homes.  It has more to do with the law.

At the same time, I’m learning a ton about all the various steps involved before one hammers the first nail.  I’ve gutted rooms, purchased raw space and built it out, but I’ve never done a home from the bare ground up.  Little did I know what comes before that point when the builder puts a raw home on the market.

He’s already reviewed plans, found a site, made sure the site was buildable, run into unexpected problems, dickered with subcontracts, and maybe had a second thought or two about the project.

I’m enjoying the classes and learning about different parts of the building process.  At the same time, I’m thinking maybe I’ll get my license and then find some builder and drive him nuts.

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