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Building 35

I’m plodding along on my online course with the objective of obtaining a builder’s license.  Not sure what I’ll do with it, although Earl suggested I start with making a birdhouse. I suggested I’ll find a builder and just drive him nuts with my newly-learned knowledge.

Yesterday, we discussed ladders in the class; and it was an eye-opener. Ladders are extremely dangerous if you don’t know how to use them. And most people don’t.  I won’t bore you with the ratio (which is 1:4) for leaning a ladder against a vertical wall, but I will say that I learned it’s a serious proposition. I also learned why you don’t step on the top rung of a ladder.  No where.  No how.

Today, we discussed scaffolding, and it was another eye-opener.  I’m sure you’ve seen them; but if you don’t know the definition, a scaffold is a temporary structure around the outside of a building that enables workers to do their jobs while protecting the general public.

As a soon-to-be general contractor, I don’t plan to erect scaffolds – especially since I have a fear of heights and the videos in my class showed scaffolding on the Statue of Liberty.  Still, I have a new respect for those who do this job.

Tomorrow, we’re still on scaffolds.  So keep the excitement down.  There’s more to come.

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