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Bumpy Ride

Bette Davis once said, “It’s going to be a bumpy ride.” She was referring to a cocktail party, but I’m referring to an announcement from our Captain late last night.

Like a headmaster at a boarding school, he has unexpectedly taken to the air to address his charges for the second time in two days. And, as headmaster of the Regal Princess, his decision binds.

We are not going north to Halifax and then across the North Atlantic Ocean.   Seems there are some severe weather conditions creating high winds and even higher waves. The crossing wouldn’t be pleasant and possibly not safe. And the cruise company’s primary goal is to keep all passengers safe.

Instead we’re heading east through the mid-Atlantic Ocean to avoid the angst of the North Atlantic.  (I’ve been in a boat on the North Atlantic; this seems like a wise decision.)  Currently our next port is the Azores; which is ironic, because when we did a transatlantic cruise in 2013 we had to skip the Azores because of the one hundred year hurricane.

The weather giveth, and the weather taketh away.

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