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I have finally succumbed to the concept of “bundling,” that process by which you have one provider for as many of your communication needs as possible. In theory, the service for your cell phone, landline (for those who are still tethered), tablet, Internet, and television are all brought to you by the same company, whether it’s AT&T or Comcast or some other giant.

Currently, Earl and I pay separate bills to AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast.  I have never minded doing this, partly on the theory that if these services are bundled and one goes out they all go out.  It’s the same reasoning that I prefer a fax that is separate from a printer that is separate from a photo processor.

But money talks, and we can no longer afford the old way when it’s costing an extra one hundred dollars a month. So next Tuesday, someone from AT&T is showing up to put our three HD televisions, two computers, one tablet, and various phones on its grid.  It will take less than an afternoon’s work.

I already know there will be a learning curve, since we’re getting new remotes and all the channels have different numbers.  The real question is “How long will it take the humans to switch over?”

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