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I checked on Google®, and the term ‘carbots’ refers to an “action packed toy race car,” according to various websites. Perhaps something like the movie “The Incredibles.” They’re relatively unassuming at first glance but action packed when the situation demands.

The thing is carbots are becoming reality. The car I purchased last year tells me when a tire is low, when I’m using fuel to its best advantage, and if I’m going to hit something in reverse.  And that’s not the top of the brand’s line.

Some cars parallel park themselves; others talk to you. And there is a prototype out there that actually drives itself.

At first, I thought this feature would be a great way to enable senior citizens who should no longer be driving to still maintain a sense of freedom. It would also be good for busy executives who could use driving time better on a conference call or creating a proposal. As for me, I could make my grocery list while the car drives me to the supermarket.

Still, I’m not sure this is progress. After all, we’ve relegated many of our daily tasks to computerization, and I wonder if in the deal we’ve reduced our brain capacity.  We no longer memorize frequently-used telephone numbers, and we can’t do multiplication in our heads. What if we can no longer take command of the steering wheel when necessary?

I don’t have the answer; and if I did, it probably wouldn’t be popular anyway. This is because it would revolve around being able to do basic tasks that computerized society has commandeered. It’s as if the tail is wagging the dog.

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