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In line with yesterday’s blog about pushing seasons ahead of themselves, I submit that Christmas is the ultimate event that comes too early to the party these days.

When I was a child, Christmas didn’t appear in newspapers or magazines or catalogs until Thanksgiving had its due.  Major department stores didn’t reveal their festive decorations  or glitzy windows until the turkey was eaten. On the flip side, it was understood that the days between these two holidays were all about Jesus and Santa.

Fast forward to today.  Labor Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving are taking a back seat to Christmas.  Today, for instance, we had half a dozen catalogs in our mailbox, and two of them (which would be 33 percent) had Christmas promotions.  I understand that retail is tough nowadays, but couldn’t some agreement be considered that each season, each holiday, deserves its due?

Oh, how I wish! And, yes, the maintenance man did come yesterday to prep our furnace for winter. (See previous blog.)

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