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Coming Even Sooner

About ten days ago I posted that I am going to become my own publisher and put my work on my website under a new category called “Potpourri.” We’re getting close to the launch date, and I am adding content regularly. I also hope to have a feature where you can comment or pass on the story in question.

First offerings are about an old woman at a cocktail party, a short-short that recently won honorable mention in a contest, and two teenagers’ efforts to keep their record intact for being the last customers at the local Dairy Dream when it closes each November. Then there’s the children’s story about an invisible bear and another one about a baby with unusual abilities. Plus a poem or two.

I’m reminded of Eva Cassidy, songstress with an interest in many different genres who died from cancer in 1996 at age thirty-three. She was a relative unknown at the time, partially because she didn’t want to be pigeonholed into one type of music. Due to her belief that she wanted to sing what she wanted to sing, she ultimately refused a recording contract with a company that
might have made her famous if she had complied with its demands.

I don’t want to specialize either. I want to write what inspires me, whether it’s memorable or not. So look for “Potpourri” in the coming days and know it’s not going to be all one thing or another. It’s just going to be what it is.

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