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In December, 2005, I blogged a goodbye letter to Starbucks. It was my first coffee love, but things had cooled. (Read it here:  http://annebrandt.com/10min/tenminute/goodbye-starbucks/)

However, if the truth were told I returned to the Starbucks habit and have continued a clandestine affair since then.  In fact, I bought a latte sometimes three and four times a week over the past nine years even though I now live 20 minutes one way from the espresso machines and baristas.

There weren’t a lot of people who knew I’d written a “Dear Starbucks” letter, so I didn’t get any flack about my wishy-washiness. In fact, some close friends and I began meeting every Tuesday at the local franchise to ponder life’s challenges and offer shoulders and ears to each other.

But once again I’m leaving Starbucks.  The prices have increased considerably; the people who once staffed the location I visit have long gone elsewhere; and there is a proliferation of independent cafes in our area that deserve attention.

I’ll still get a latte when my friends and I meet; but I won’t be using gasoline and spending time behind the wheel to get a latte and return home on the other days.  Besides, we now have a Keurig . . .

It’s the new love in my life.

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