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Country Kitchen

I met a friend for breakfast this morning at the local Country Kitchen Café. I rarely eat there, even though it’s close to my home. There is no fancy coffee; they don’t poach eggs; and they’re open only until 2:30 PM. (In all fairness, breakfast should be in the rear view mirror by then.) But I was tired of Panera, where we usually meet. So we convened at the Kitchen.

I must admit the atmosphere is cozy and unrushed. And, if you overlook the poached eggs issue, the food is very good. I had the best super-crispy hash browns ever. I mean EVER!

What I was aware of most were the other touches. We each received our own carafe of coffee, one leaded and the other unleaded. It’s nice to pour that second cup whenever you want without waiting for the server to return. We also received paper straws for our water.

I’m on the “Ban Plastic Straws” bandwagon, so this was a pleasant surprise. The straws were surprisingly sturdy, not like the ones of my youth that fell apart before their purpose was finished.

The price was modest too, much less than Panera, although my bill didn’t include a fancy-dancy latte. My friend had pancakes with real, unsweetened, strawberries. If I were a restaurant critic – and certainly I am in my own mind, as I’m very particular in case you haven’t noticed – the Country Kitchen Café would receive five stars.

Especially for the hash browns.

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