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I’m sure I’ve written somewhere along the way that I’ve been growing my hair longer.  It’s almost to my shoulders, even though most people my age wouldn’t go there.

Still, since August 2012, I’ve been trying to eliminate all the layers on my head while my stylist has secretly tried to keep them.  It’s been an ongoing discussion.  However, I’ve finally gotten my hair all the same length, and now I wanted it permed. She wasn’t happy about that either. (What is it about hair stylists that they think they own your hair?)

In fact, my last visit was supposed to be about a perm, but she talked me out of it.  Went for color instead. It looked fine, but I still wanted to look like that female character in the “Dilbert” comic strip who has a pyramid for a hair-do.

So today I actually brought in the comic strip, showed it to A, and we went from there.  I can only assume she understood I would not be denied. Less than two hours later, I left with what I wanted.  Of course, I’ll tire of it and want something else down the road.  But for now, I’m thrilled to be curly.

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