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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


We’re putting the holidays to bed.

We’d intended to do it on January 1, but I wasn’t ready.  It was too close to the time when my family was here, and I still heard their voices. So I wanted a couple more evenings reading with the lights on the tree twinkling nearby. They reminded of the wonderful holiday just passed.  And I also wanted to revel in the potential for the coming year without actually facing it.

But today we dragged out the boxes for ornaments and lights and other sundry decorations.  Also found what we call the “body bag” for the tree and its stand. Earl began removing ornaments while I collected accessories from various locations, all to be boxed and stored until next year.

It’s not as arduous a process as putting up the decorations, but still it takes time. We label everything to make it easier next December. We also discard things – like lights – that no longer work or no longer appeal to us.  This year, we jettisoned some Santa Claus wine sacks that had hung around for a while and were never appreciated.

We’re not done, but we will be by this time tomorrow.  In the meantime, I’m going to read the last thirty pages of a book and sit by the tree with its lights still twinkling but with all its ornaments gone to storage.

The lights will come off tomorrow, and I’ll be ready to say goodbye to Christmas, 2014.

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