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Design Guy

Today is Design Guy’s birthday. From what he told me in our last chat, he and his partner are taking twenty-four hours and getting off the grid. Going to a small resort in an upstate New York meadow. Probably having a great meal together. And time out.

Then he’s back to his current creative endeavor: an over-the-top exercise class with black lights and neon and probably loud music and rad moves. Because rad moves are what Design Guy does best.

DG is one of a kind. Pretty calm on the outside; pretty deep and passionate on the inside. A human iceberg. As in, don’t underestimate what you see. Beneath the surface lurks art, design, dance, writing, cooking, painting, you name it. DG has done it, or at least considered it.

Most recently, he brought together my words and Annie Poon’s illustrations in a little book called Philip & Phoebe. As the designer, he decided how to put the words and pictures on a page in a way they merged together. It’s a small thing, for example, but he thought we needed the ampersand in the title instead of the written word. That’s the attention to detail that DG has instinctively.

I’ve known DG for years, seen him through various developmental periods. And always marveled that he emerges even more creative than before.  So I want to wish him a Happy Birthday today.

Happy birthday, Keith, and many, many more.

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