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Dining Al Fresco

Tonight a friend and I went to The Terrace at 221 Main to eat on its elegant rooftop. The rooftop has its own bar with indoor seating and 290 different offerings for the whiskey connoisseur. But the real charm is its outdoor seating with a giant fireplace and a view of St. Joseph in the setting sun.

As a rule, I’m not much for eating outside. There are too many elements – bugs, wind, passersby if you’re on the sidewalk level – to contend with. But M and I had eaten on The Terrace once before and found it delightful.

We were ushered to a table and the host adjusted the umbrella so the sun was not in our eyes. Someone else brought a carafe and two glasses for water and set down the paper menus which promptly turned into kites that we had to grab. Obviously one of the aforementioned “elements” had found us.

We looked at each other, held a hasty summit, and decided outdoor dining was what we came for. So this was where we would stay. We ordered cocktails holding our menus down with the cloth napkin and silverware for weight. Obviously by the time the silverware was needed the menus would be taken away. It would all work out.

Our cocktails arrived in no time at all in beautiful cut glassware. We smiled graciously and told the server we’d order in a few minutes. It turned out to be a very windy few minutes. In fact, it probably wasn’t even a minute at all when we held another summit.

We gave up the al fresco idea and told our server we would move inside.

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