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I received a postcard this afternoon that was really a bunch of coupons stuck together for me to use at my local Meijer store. What I noticed most about these discounts was that they were sealed with rubber cement.

I rolled it off into a little ball with my finger and wondered if there is much of a market left for this product. The only other time I’ve seen it recently was when my new credit card arrived in the mail stuck to instructions on how to activate it.

But back in the day, which in this case is the nineteen eighties, rubber cement was a staple of my professional life. It was glue but with the unique property that the two items glued together could be unglued. This was invaluable in laying out brochures and flyers before the age of cut and paste. Now everything is done on a computer, so perhaps there’s not much market for a glue that can come unglued.

I didn’t research this, nor have I lost sleep over it; but I do hope the manufacturers of rubber cement have other products in their inventory.

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