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Yesterday, after having lunch at Sloppy Joe’s (See previous blog post), Earl and I went on a dolphin safari with his son, Rich, as our boat’s captain.  We had hardly gotten started when we sighted our first dolphin hanging out near some residential docks. 

“That’s Grady,” Rich said, although I honestly don’t know how he knew the mammal’s name.

 But as Rich noted, this took the monkey off his back in terms of offering what the tour promised.  However, he was a long way from being done.  For the next hour or so our boat literally “swam with the dolphins” as they jumped, dived, and floated around us.  There must have been fifteen or more just hanging out.  Just like we were. 

Earl and I have been on other dolphins tours.  We’ve also been in the water with tamed dolphins and ridden them by holding onto their dorsal fins.  But we have never seen as many being active for so long as we did today.  It was something to remember.

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