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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


Today we de-Christmased our house. It wasn’t exactly like defrosting the fridge or delousing something, but it did have the same cathartic quality We were back to where we were before Christmas started.

Earl was at church when I tackled the job. It too had holy moments. Many of our ornaments represent places we’ve been together: Yellowstone, the Motown museum, Mackinac Island, Alaska. Because we buy ornaments instead of coffee mugs for souvenirs. So as I untrimmed the tree I took a moment to recall where we bought each ornament. It was like a mini-remembrance to that location.

Then there were the ornaments from life before Earl. Ones my children made; others friends gave me; and, yes, even ones from ex-husbands and their families. It was a most eclectic collection.

The lights came off, the tree skirt that I made over 45 years ago was folded, and my remaining snowmen from a once-extensive collection were boxed together for warmth till we meet again.

Tomorrow I have three medical appointments, which indicates I’m moving closer and closer to the radiation portion of my cancer experience. It was great for my soul to reminisce about good times in the past and look forward to more in the future.

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