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Fargo in Summer

I try to visit my son who lives in Fargo, ND, at least once a year.  From where I live in Benton Harbor,MI, it takes some planning, since multiple planes or trains are required to get from one place to the other.

That said, I’m spending this weekend doing my annual check-in not only with Kevin but also with the town he calls home. Many people’s impression of Fargo is based on a movie of the same name, but this does an injustice to the real thing.  Downtown Fargo, in particular, is charming.  Especially in summertime when the skies are almost royal blue, the vegetation is emerald green, and snow is a distant memory.

Today Kevin and I walked about five miles around town visiting cafes and eateries that had cropped up since my last visit.  We had fancy coffee at Nichole’s; ate Mexican food from a street vendor, and had a mid-afternoon libation at the HoDo. The HoDo isn’t exactly new; it was here when I first visited ten years ago.  But the block where it is situated has certainly changed.  Empty buildings have been replaced by trendy condos with wrought iron balconies, and shuttered storefronts have turned into art galleries featuring local artists.

About the only things that haven’t changed are the Fargo Theater where, on the mezzanine, one can find a wooden sculpture of Marge Gunderson, the police chief of “Fargo” movie fame, and a multi-colored fiberglass bison that stands outside the Atomic coffee house.  If you visit Fargo and only have time to study one of these attractions, opt for Marge. She’s a hoot.

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2 responses to “Fargo in Summer”

  1. Carol Parks says:

    So that’s where you are!

  2. Kathi McNamee says:

    Fargo is on my list of ” 3 favorite movies”
    I am a Marge Gunderson groupie!! ” Oh, Yeah?” “Yeah!!”
    You betcha’ !!
    My parents, coming from Minnesota, that was exactly how they talked.

    Love, love your writing. You are so very gifted!!!
    Proud to know you.

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