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Fence Update

A month ago I blogged about the new fence that was installed around the perimeter of our pond to keep geese away. It’s done a marvelous job, although neither the fence nor I are letting down our guards. The geese aren’t letting theirs down either.

We are not sure if they are the same two parent birds who’ve come the past three years, had their babies, and parked for the summer. Not that it matters.  No geese are welcome here.

They’re having a problem getting the message, however. They still think the pond is theirs and the verdant lawns that frame it are theirs too.  So two or three times a week, they swoop in, land on the pond, and inspect the fence.  They paddle around it looking for holes and complaining loudly when they find none.

If I spoke Goose, I imagine I would hear a conversation like this: “Gracie, the barrier those two-legged stick-like creatures put up is still here. Paddle over there and check it out.”

“Yes, Gilbert,” the other goose would respond, “it does seem to be as sturdy as the last time we came. How much longer are we going to check it out?”

“It’s only been a month,” Gilbert would honk. “Surely, it will break down over the summer, and we can reclaim our home.”

After their inspection, Gracie and Gilbert Goose fly off over the rooftops. I watch from my window and double my resolve to stay vigilant, because it seems you can’t teach an old goose new tricks.

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