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Finish Line

Today’s marathon could never erase what happened last year; but it went a long way to replace awful images of mayhem with ones of joy.  Any media account attests to this.

From the time the starting line announcer told the runners to “take back that finish line” to when Kevin blew us a kiss at the eight mile mark to finding him at the end, it was emotional to be here.

Who wasn’t moved by the moment of silence for those who were killed last year? Who could not tear as some of the survivors ran the course again? And who wasn’t proud that Meb Keflezighi was the first American to win the Boston Marathon since 1983?  He said the memory of last year kept him going. As for Kevin, he was the 581st runner to cross the finish line.

It was only coincidence that Easter Sunday and Patriot’s Day were back to back this year.  But I can’t help thinking that the elation of the most important day in the Christian calendar continued into the most important Boston marathon ever.  The weather was perfect; there were no security issues; and the race was unbelievably well organized. I believe God was on the planning committee.

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