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Flying By

Two months ago I relished the thought that summer was about to appear. Lazy days of sunning, gardening, reading, napping, and swimming. Oh, and physical therapy, doctors’ appointments, medical bills, and therapeutic massage.

Actually the former activities made the latter ones tolerable, and summer has flown by with progress on all fronts. My garden blossoms; my napping has become gourmet quality; physical therapy has given me back my right arm; and the medical bills are under control.

So this summer was most productive. And, in Michigan, the public schools are mandated by a 2006 law to start after Labor Day. Which means there are four more weeks until classes begin.

Still, I see the creep of autumn. Trees and bushes and crops are bulging with greenery. Some of my flowers are telling me they’re done. School bus companies are seeking drivers while shopping excursions have become all back-to-schoolish.

Was it like this years ago, that fall started the beginning of August? That summer seemed truncated. That vacation frenzy ran rampant. I really don’t think so. In this age, however, we’re always looking ahead, plotting our steps, making plans for the future.

Which means Christmas will be here before we know it.

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