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Found Time

I don’t where the term “found time” derives from, but I learned it from a friend one day while we were mall walking. Turns out a meeting I had with someone got cancelled, which meant I had a couple extra hours to devote to something else. I mentioned this to S, my mall walking companion.

“You’ve got found time,” she said. “Isn’t it wonderful?”

It’s not that I didn’t want to attend the meeting, but the thought of a couple extra hours in the day was just as appealing.  I’m one who makes lists for the day’s accomplishments; and more often than not the list doesn’t get done before the day goes down. So found time is special.

The thing is: How do I spend it?

Sometimes I tackle my To Do List and get further ahead than I would have otherwise.  Other times I revel in extra reading or gardening or playing piano. And then there are those occasions where I simply take a little nap.

Regardless, found time is a special gift. I hope you recognize it when it drops into your life, and I also hope you guard it well.

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