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Friday the 13th

It comes around every so often, although I don’t know if there is a discernible pattern or not.  (And I don’t mean the horror movie of the same name.) This year Friday the 13th occurs in June. And that is today. So in honor of this event, I’ve culled bits of information to share.

According to Wikipedia, people who are afraid of this date, regardless of the month in which it falls, are known to have triskaidekaphobia, meaning a fear of the number thirteen.  Wikipedia has a lot more information about this date and its many superstitions, but you can read them yourself.

What I found interesting in my research is how much more there is on the Internet about this specific Friday the 13th.  For instance, it coincides with a full moon, something that won’t happen again until 2049.

The online magazine Slate notes there is only one serious study of what happens when a full moon occurs on Friday the 13th. This isn’t really enough to warrant categorical conclusions since the study has never been duplicated.  The Internet also has links that suggest the day doesn’t actually portend bad luck; rather, people who are superstitious behave differently and therefore view what happens to them as influenced by the date. It is the most disliked (perhaps hated) day in the calendar.

So whether you hang out in the camp where Friday the 13th is interesting (like I do) or fearful, just know that next year the day will occur in both February and March for a double dose. I’m giving you advanced warning.

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