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Ful vs. Fill

I am often struck with the term ‘thoughtful’ and its meaning.  People who think of others and try to help them are thoughtful. People who send cards for birthday and anniversaries are thoughtful too.  And the world needs more of them.

At the same time, ‘thought-filled’ may not even be a word. But I believe that being thought-filled is just as special as being thoughtful.  Thought-filled is about thinking, coming to conclusions based on logic rather than emotion.  Not that there’s anything wrong with emotion, but it can gum the works when substituted for being thought-filled.

Thought-filled is about waiting until all the evidence is in before making judgments. I think of the current problems in Ferguson, Missouri.  Thought-filled is about questioning one’s position to make sure it’s sustainable.  Again, think Ferguson. It is also the best way never to eat crow.

As I age, I want to be both thoughtful and thought-filled, regardless of what dictionaries say and our culture ignores.

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