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Garden Wind Down

I’m so glad I don’t live where you garden twelve months of the year. Although . . . one benefit might be that Fall clean-up would never occur. And quite possible Spring preparations wouldn’t be a special event either.

But I’m too much of a Midwesterner, where there are four seasons; and one of them requires total abstinence from gardening activities. With this in mind, I started closing flower beds today. Usually I start earlier, but this year has been extraordinary in that my pots and in-ground plants are still blooming. However, because I don’t want to be doing this exercise in the middle of November with falling temperatures and icy rain, today was the day. All annuals, blooming blindly or not, as well as perennials were subject to the wind down rule. Which is more about my comfort in the garden than theirs.

Once we removed the annuals, my trusty gardener friend, M, and I planted an additional 100 tulips. And moved some plants around. And made a mess of the sidewalks. It’s not finished, and my guess is we won’t finish by October’s end. Still great headway was made.

When it’s finished, I’ll turn inward. Will read more, maybe crochet, do house-y things (like polish the silver or re-stain the flagpole), and look forward to Spring.

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