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Gentle Yoga

I’ve begun taking a class in gentle yoga on Monday mornings.  It’s the perfect way to begin the week.  The instructor is quiet and careful but definitely knows her way around the Tree Pose or Warrior I.

I’ve taken yoga off and on for years, the first time half my lifetime ago in Libertyville, Illinois. There were four children in my household then, making the volume in many things greater.  So I looked forward to those two evenings each week that I took my mat and disappeared to commune with my “Self.” We didn’t have cellphones then, so there were no reminders to turn them off.

What I remember most was wishing I didn’t have to return to the mundane tasks of checking homework and making tomorrow’s lunches. At the same time, I always felt energized enough to handle things once I got home. Time has passed.  Those children are dispersed to the various edges of our country, while I’m still in the Midwest. Home life is considerably different too.

But one thing is the same, believe it or not.  The instructor didn’t have to ask anyone to turn off their cell phones.  There’s something about yoga that encourages you to disconnect on your own.

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