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Going Offline

This is my final blog before my new page, “Potpourri,” appears next week. Between now and then, my tech people are working feverishly to make everything work smoothly. They’ve asked that I not gum the works by adding content right now.

This is fine with me, as Earl and I left dry land last Sunday and are now docked in St. Thomas, USVI, getting ready to snorkel with turtles. We’d done this a couple years ago and really enjoyed it, although I suspect the turtles won’t remember. Long lives don’t necessarily equate with long memories.

Tomorrow we’re taking segway lessons in St. Martin’s and the day after we’re dressing for Formal Night on the ship. Then there is just one day to go before we return to Ft. Lauderdale and the next part of our winter getaway in the Florida Keys. By then, I hope my tech team gives me the high sign that “Potpourri” is up and running; and I can once again spew forth on subjects large and small.

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