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Good News, Sort Of

The Captain roused us this morning with an update. During the night winds approached almost one hundred miles an hour. They made me grateful that the location of our cabin, for which we paid extra, was on a lower deck in the middle of the ship.  I felt the rocking and wondered how the passengers on Deck 15 were faring. Then I rolled over and went back to sleep.

The good Captain addressed the next issue.  People have taken to the Internet to share our plight with the world.  He requested that they at least provide accurate information.  For instance, half of the crew is not supposed to leave the ship in Lisbon (if we get there).  Only 23 crew members are going. And, if we never took on another egg or croissant, there are enough provisions that none of us will starve before we reach Ft. Lauderdale.

Finally, he said the weather had passed but we have another problem: fuel.  It takes a ton of it to keep a ship running even if it isn’t going anywhere.  There is heat for the cabins, hot water for the showers, lighting everywhere, current for the refrigerators, etc.  Since we’ve been moored here the better part of two days, there isn’t enough fuel to go anyplace.  Captain hopes that whoever is in charge of this commodity has managed to purchase some here in Southampton.  If so, fuel trucks will arrive around Noon and we’ll actually depart around 3 PM.  If not, I look forward to another exciting night in Southampton. (That’s code for having a good book handy and retiring early.)

Will report around 3 PM. Fingers crossed until then.

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One response to “Good News, Sort Of”

  1. Sondra Levin says:

    Good heavens! Here I thought you were merrily bobbing along at sea. I’m so glad you’re safe! An interesting experience, for sure.

    Will look forward to your next blog.
    Thinking of you and Earl.

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