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Goodbye Tomatoes, Goodbye Summer

Two months ago today I wrote about our experiment with Ike and Tina Tomato. We’d purchased these gadgets that were guaranteed to grow phenomenal tomatoes and we’d already watered our plants and watched their development for a month when I wrote my blog. Neither the tomatoes nor I have been productive since.

Oh, the plants became huge but all we ever got were two tiny, deformed tomatoes, not even enough for one BLT. Finally Earl pitched our plants in disappointment. Our neighbor, however, has the greenest of thumbs and a generous spirit; so in the end it was he who supplied our tomato needs. His crop was delicious.

In those same two months, I produced no writing whatsoever. No blogs, no essays, not even a letter to the editor. (I live in an area where residents express their opinions regularly on the editorial page of the local paper.) With the emergence of Facebook, my email output also waned. It’s not because I’m on Facebook (I’m not.); it’s because some of my friends are and seem to prefer communicating that way. I don’t hear from them via email as often anymore.

And the summer has passed. Tomorrow is Labor Day and the day after that Michigan schools resume. I must remember to take a different route to the health club or be willing to accept that crossing guards control part of the road I normally take. Tuesday morning they will be in charge of the congestion and confusion on Glenlord Road as Ernest P. Clarke School rings the morning bell.

That bell seems to be ringing for me as well. I find myself drawn to my blog, and it feels good to reconnect. Even if it’s slow going. (These five paragraphs took me more time than the ten minutes a day I attempt when I’m in blog mode.) I am a student once again and ready to take up my work.

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