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Last week Earl and I bought a new Weber grill to satisfy my current interest in grilling.  We got the charcoal and the lighter fluid at the same time, thinking we had all the essentials.

Two nights ago we were going to christen our grill with burgers, but the weather had different ideas.  I’m not that eager that I would stand in the pouring rain for my dinner.Last night, we tried again. Got the packet of potatoes and onions ready; same for the burgers. Studied how many coals our grill requires for the direct heat method and stacked them accordingly.  Read the directions on the lighter fluid and was all set.

But another glitch occurred.  There wasn’t a single match to be had in our entire home.  Our kitchen stove and oven are both electric.  So is our faux fireplace.  And we’re not so romantic that we light candles in the evening. My grilling debut was postponed once again, although I did cook the potatoes and meat inside and we had a lovely dinner.

Tonight was the night, since a trip to the super market earlier solved the match problem and replenished our food.  But the technical glitches of the past two days were still creating havoc and I hadn’t started cooking by the time the evening news came on. Earl went and got carry-out instead.

Tomorrow we’re going to the local county fair, and the day after that is too far away to make a serious plan.  All of which means, any other grill masters in the county still have nothing to fear from a newcomer.

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