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It’s Halloween, and it’s absolutely pouring rain. Noah would have felt at home. But children, who dress up as various characters to go Trick or Treating, are forced to wear winter leggings and coats over their one-night personae. Perhaps some children don’t go out at all.

Halloween has changed since I was a child. Back then we made our own costumes, and the treats were simple. Maybe some pennies, candy corn, a handful of Mary Janes. That was it. Today it seems to be all about the “stash.”

There are also greater concerns about the safety of the treats, which means all of them must be individually wrapped. No more healthy apples, no more homemade cookies in plastic wrap. No more of this or that. It seems many schools and churches are opting to have what might be called a fun fair on Halloween, so that the children can still enjoy the holiday without being subjected to the whim of weather. Or any other whim.

I assume these changes are for the better. But I’m saddened that today’s youth will never experience the creativity and spontaneity, and low keyed-ness, that Halloween once was.

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