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Haute Culture

It’s a good thing Earl and I celebrated Valentine’s Day early since we were snowed in yesterday, the official Hallmark holiday.  So by today, I yearned for some distractions and went looking for cultural outlets. I was not denied.

First, two friends and I went to the movies, mostly on my recommendation.  I’d seen the trailers and found them appealing; I’d researched our offerings at the local theater and learned the film was playing at a reasonable time. I’d also checked the weather to make sure we could get there. And so, we saw “SpongeBob Square Pants: Sponge out of Water.” We were definitely the oldest people in the theater too.

Did the movie live up to its trailer hype?  I’m sorry to say it didn’t.  In fact, if we’d all seen the trailer on YouTube we could have saved seven dollars each, because it contained the funniest scenes.  So now I’m wondering if I should reimburse my friends for getting me out of the house.

Moving on . . .

Earl and I met three other couples at a new restaurant with a reputation for a way with hamburgers. We commandeered a table for eight, although it didn’t have either a tablecloth or candles.  Still, we placed our coats over the chairs so other diners would know we’d staked a claim.

Then we got in line behind the sacks of potatoes that were part of the décor and moved toward the ordering station, couple by couple. We all received a receipt with a number on it, and when that number was called our husbands went to the counter to retrieve our meals. It was so classy.

There was no salt on the table, but Earl had been here before and brought his own, which he generously offered to our tablemates.  He also brought a knife with which to cut our sandwiches in half, since the restaurant’s policy seemed against that.

Oh, did I forget to tell you the name of this famous restaurant?  It was Five Guys, newly come to St. Joseph. Haute Culture at its best for an early Sunday evening supper with great friends.

We were also the oldest people in this restaurant too.

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