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Holding Pattern

The day came and went but no hurricane appeared.

We’re still moored in Southampton and the Captain came on the loud speaker around 6 PM to say we were staying put. Yet throughout the day, rain has been merely sporadic, while winds have been mild. Given that we were to have made it to Le Havre, France, early this morning I’m not sure why we didn’t try and hold out there. I’ll just assume the Captain knows something I don’t.

My suspicion became true as Earl and I watched the local news on our stateroom’s TV.  The warnings were dire with predictions of winds up to eighty miles an hour by midnight tonight.  All transportation modes are cancelled and it looks as if southwestern England and northwestern Europe are in for it. We’re heading for bed in the hope of being fast asleep when the storm hits. If I waken, I don’t plan to blog in the middle of the night; but I’ll be the reporter on the scene first thing in the morning.

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